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Evil Queen Paper Lantern – Disney Villain Paper Lantern Series

Evil Queen Paper Lantern

The final installment of my Disney Villain paper lantern series is here! Today’s vengeful villain is the original evildoer of Disney—the first of her ilk. Look out for those pernicious poison apples: it’s time to round off your contemptible collection with this rancorously ravishing Evil Queen paper lantern. Be sure to check out my other Disney […]

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Maleficent Paper Lantern – Disney Villain Paper Lantern Series

Maleficent Paper Lantern

Brace yourselves—part three of my wonderfully wicked Disney Villain paper lantern series is here! With sinister lines like, “Now, shall you deal with ME, O Prince—and all the powers of HELL,” saying that today’s featured villain is no-nonsense would be an understatement. Feast your eyes on the nefarious necromancer and dreadful dragon in my newest […]

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Jafar Paper Lantern – Disney Villain Paper Lantern Series

Jafar Paper Lantern

Welcome to the second installment in my Disney villain paper lantern series! Inspired by the power-hungry evil sorcerer from one of my very favorite childhood Disney movies, today’s design is the perfect addition to your Halloween collection. Behold the odious occultist, the execrable enchanter, the miscreant magician, and, of course, his feathered friend Iago in […]

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Winnie the Pooh Paper Lantern

Winnie the Pooh Paper Lantern

Happy birthday Maleena! Today is my little sister’s birthday, and, to celebrate, I’ve decided to create a new paper lantern design featuring her favorite Disney character: Pooh! Take a stroll through The Hundred Acre Wood, and re-live your childhood through this iconic scene from The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh; featured in my brand new, […]

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Summer Art Series – Part 3

Time for the final installment of my summer art series! What better way to wrap up this fun sequence than with a sensationally succulent pineapple design? This design utilizes elements from my Swirly Summer Clip Art Collection, and makes for an awesome art piece for your home or office space. I hope you enjoy this […]

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