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Vintage Camera – 3D Cut File

Vintage Camera

I’m taking you back in time today—back to the days when we didn’t all have a near-professional level picture-taking device tucked away in our pant pocket at all times. Back before SD cards housed thousands of images that could be viewed instantaneously. We’re going back to the days of film! Step back into dark rooms […]

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Stained Glass Blue Heron

Stained Glass Blue Heron

One beautiful new design, coming right up! Today’s project is a creative merging of two things I love: stained glass art and birds! Read about what prompted this stained glass blue heron piece, and make one for yourself with just a few simple tools/materials. It’s no secret that I’m not a big fan of winter: […]

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Minecraft Valentine Cards – Valentine’s Day Cut Files

Minecraft Valentine Cards

Today’s freebie is one I think you’ll really “dig!” I’m gearing up for Valentine’s Day with some cute designs especially for the Minecraft lover in your life. So, grab a few sheets of cardstock, and make some of these adorable Minecraft Valentine cards! My 5-year-old son absolutely loves Minecraft! We don’t really have video games […]

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