“Free Printables” Google Plus Community

     Lately, I have become a huge fan of Google Plus! It is really user-friendly, and there are a lot of really fun features. One of the features I like best is “Communities.” Through Google Plus communities, I have found tons of inspiration, cute DIY ideas, and blog tips. One thing I didn’t find, though, was an active community about printables.
     Well, the magic of Google Plus, is that if there isn’t a community you’d like, then you can just make one! So, that’s what I’ve done: my community is called “Free Printables,” and is about just that–free printable designs for any occasion. I hope that this community will grow and be an awesome resource for anyone looking for cute printable designs.
     Join today to post your own printables, or to get in on all the awesome printables other people make!

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