Origami Heart {With A Surprise}

It’s the weekend, YAY! Now that I’m working full-time, weekends are especially wonderful. It’s so nice to be home with my husband and my little sweetie pie ^_^
I’m going to get right to it today—was that a sigh of relief I heard?
So, I’ve always LOVED origami! When I was younger my mom would buy me those fun origami books, and I would try to do all the patterns (and succeed at maybe three of them). To this day I’m still no pro, but it’s still fun to try and create beautiful things using only paper and folding. For our fist anniversary, I decorated our living room with a whole bunch of origami butterflies, cranes, and flowers for my husband. Do you know why? Because your first anniversary is you PAPER year. Didn’t know that? It’s ok, neither did I until I looked it up online. This year is our COTTON year…still don’t know how I’m going to spice that one up haha.
As you’ve probably guessed by now, today’s printable involves ORIGAMI! But if you aren’t an origami master, never fear, this is a really simple pattern, and I’ve included step-by-step instructions.
This origami heart is one that I learned how to make in middle school. My friend Anna and I would wright notes to each other (we didn’t have cell phones) and fold them into these paper hearts. When I was thinking about this the other day, I thought it would make a fun printable. And I’ve included a surprise note inside for whomever you decide to give your heart to (aww…so sweet).
There are three different designs, so pick out the one with the saying you like best, print it off, follow the folding instructions bellow, and present it to your friend, loved one, or cat (although, if you give it to your cat you’ll probably have to help them open it…you know, lack of opposable thumbs and whatnot).
Happy folding!

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