Back to School – Printable Lunch Notes

Can you believe that school is about to start yet again!?! Well, for my hubby, it never ended—he decided to go through the Summer. What a trooper! But, I’m sure all those children out there are just itching to get back to school—mechanical pencils, times tables, spelling tests, gum prohibition—what’s not to love (wink)?
The inspiration for today’s printable came from a comment on one of my previous blogs. The freebie was Printable Origami Hearts, and someone suggested that it would be fun to make these and put them in her children’s lunch boxes when they go to school. I thought that was an awesome idea, and decided to make another printable freebie with that idea in mind.
How fun would it be for your kids to find one of these sweet notes when they open their lunch box! These notes are a simple, but thoughtful, touch. And, I’m sure you could find plenty of other uses for them as well: like, to go along with a simple gift, to give to your husband to remind him that you think he is pretty rad, or maybe you’ll decorate your child’s bedroom with a bunch of balloons and tie these to the end of the ribbons (no, I didn’t come up with that myself: it’s a Pinterest idea). Whomever you give these to, and whatever way you decide to do it, I’m sure it will be much appreciated!
So, are you nervous or excited (possibly counting down the days) for your little one(s) to go to school?

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