Thomas Family Trip to the Zoo!

     Today I am trying out something a little different, so I hope you’re not disappointed! I’ve found that as I follow bloggers, I really like it when they post things about their lives, so that’s what I’m doing today.
     This Summer we didn’t really have any big vacations planned, but I did want to take Davian to the zoo! It seems like there are only a handful of places you can really go [out] and enjoy time as a family when you have a baby, and the zoo is one of them. Plus, we love animals, and we have fun pretending that Davian does too.
     They’ve remodeled the Hogle Zoo, and so the first animals you see when you walk in are the giraffes. Giraffes were always my favorite animals to see at the zoo when I was a kid: there’s just no other animal built quite like them.

Davian is thrilled

     One of the highlights of it all was seeing the elephant get a bath. It was so fun to see a creature of such stature get so much joy out of a bath! The elephant would move it’s whole body around to tell the zookeeper where it wanted to be sprayed, and then it even got down and rolled around in the puddle of water: so cute!

I wish Davian liked baths this much. 

     I really love seeing the otters and seals too! Last time we were there, the polar bear was doing laps under water, but this time she was a little less active. The sea lions were pretty active though! They are such graceful swimmers—it’s amazing.

This picture makes it look like Davian was mesmerized…he wasn’t.

     At this point, Davain was pretty worn out, so we settled in while he took a nap.

Why is that baby snuggled up with a thick fuzzy blanket in the middle of summer you might ask? Well, it’s the only way he can go to sleep…he’s a silly guy.

     As we sat there, I took note of all the other little babies. Partially because of how stinkin’ cute they were, but mostly to compare and see if they were younger than Davian, and then a little part inside me would cheer, “Yes! Haha, I’m winning.” It was the same way when I was pregnant: every time I saw another pregnant woman that wasn’t as far along as me I felt like I was winning.
     From that point, we proceeded to show Davain all kinds of other animals…

Davian genuinely enjoyed watching the monkeys acting crazy. Probably because it reminded him of his mommy and daddy.

Took advantage of cute photo ops…

Look out!
My little big guy
My boys are pumped for Planet of the Apes!

And just enjoyed all of Davian’s super adorable baby-ness…

“I’ll have you know that I enjoy having my bib on my face.” 
Showing off his pretty eyelashes

     And, of course, what family outing would be complete without a blowout! Luckily, we came prepared.

Notice the outfit change?

     Now, is that not the most adorable baby you’ve ever seen or what!? Right before we left, I was able to get that picture of him. He smiles all the time, but they come and go so quickly, that it’s hard to catch one in a photograph: but I got lucky this time!
     It was so fun to spend time together and put off the housework and everything else for a little while! We had a really good time together.
     Hope you have a wonderful week!

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