How to Create a Beautiful Seamless Pattern

Who doesn’t love beautiful patterns? No one, that’s who (except for maybe grumpy cat). And what’s better than a beautiful pattern? A beautiful SEAMLESS pattern! And that’s why I’m stoked to share this tutorial with you: learn how to create a beautiful seamless pattern in minutes.

How to Create a Beautiful Seamless Pattern

First off, what makes a pattern seamless anyway? Seamless patterns can be tiled over and over again so that you can include as many repetitions as your heart desires.

Second off, why is this useful? This is awesome for all sorts of designs: wrapping paper, fabric, carpet, scrapbook paper, web backgrounds, and much much more. Because there aren’t any seams in the design, the entire pattern can go on continuously.

Ok, fine, just show me the tutorial already. Sheesh, I was getting to that next.

The illustrations used in the tutorial can be found here.

I hope you found this tutorial useful, and that you create some insanely awesome patterns with your newfound skill!

Happy designing!

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1 Comment on How to Create a Beautiful Seamless Pattern

  1. Simple Nature Decor
    June 25, 2015 at 4:07 pm (9 years ago)

    Thanks for sharing the seamless pattern tutorial,it sounds really interesting… at my last Fabulous Friday Party, I have been in Italy and just got back and ready to Party again, hope to see you at my party this weekend, starts tonight and goes until next week! Hugs Maria


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