The Greatest Wealth is Health

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Is it just me, or was that weekend WAY too short? But, aren’t they all? There just never seems to be enough time for everything that needs to be done. More on that later though. As you’ve probably guessed, I have another freebie to share with you! I think you’ll find the graphics used in today’s printable to be quite tasty, and the inspirational quote isn’t half bad either: “The greatest wealth is health.”

The Greatest Wealth is Health


Who knew a printable could look so sweet (I know, bad pun, I’m sorry)! And there are two versions to boot: one with a white background and one with a grey background.

Now back to the “not enough time” thing. I don’t want to sit here and complain about how busy I am because I’ve found that life doesn’t really slow down for any of us. Which is why staying healthy can fall to the bottom of the priority list faster than britches without overalls (I couldn’t come up with a clever comparison, so my husband came up with that for me).

I played tennis in college, so it can be depressing sometimes to remember how good of shape I was in just a couple years ago: but working out for three hours a day just isn’t realistic anymore. And even though I’m on-the-go most days, there are still a few simple ways I try to take care of myself that don’t include pumping iron and running wind-sprints 24/7.

  • Drinking Water
  • Frequently Eating Healthy Snacks Throughout the Day & Keeping Main Meals Smaller
  • Taking Walks
  • Monitoring Portion Size
  • Making Sure I Get Enough Protein

Being a vegetarian, that last on is especially important. Since I don’t eat meat, I have to make sure to get my protein from other sources. Taking a protein drink with me to work in the morning is quick, simple, and a great way for me to get that boost of protein and give me energy for the day! EAS® Protein Powder Packets are awesome because I can take them with me or just add them to my shaker cup—no measuring necessary! Oh yeah, and they taste super yummy too (I honestly prefer my protein drink over chocolate milk now).

The Greatest Wealth is Health

The Greatest Wealth is Health

The Greatest Wealth is Health

EAS® Protein Powder is located in the pharmacy section at Target.

I know my little “health tips” are probably nothing new to you, but they are simple ways that I try to stay healthy. I hope you enjoy your new, tasty printable too!

What are some simple things you do to stay healthy amid your hectic schedule?

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The Greatest Wealth is Health

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