Easter Eggs

Daylight saving is in affect, my bracket is already busted, and Easter is this weekend! March is just slipping away, isn’t it. But, before I let my favorite holiday get away from me, I thought I’d make festive graphics to share with all of you. Use these Easter eggs to dress up some invitations, embellish a photo, or create your own Easter art.

Easter Eggs


I’ve been doing so many DIY projects and tutorials lately: it’s been a while since I’ve offered a straight-up graphic freebie. It’s fun to get back to doodling and doing simple line work.

If you’re looking for some more last-minute ideas for Easter, be sure to check out the adorable animal Easter treats I shared a few weeks ago, as well as the fluffy pom pom bunny garland I put together.

Easter eggs are always a fun tradition! Dying eggs with my brothers and sisters was always a blast. I hard a hard time, though, because I knew that all my hard work would come to naught within a few days when my mom made them into egg salad sandwiches or deviled eggs (it was always worth it if it was deviled eggs though).

Searching for eggs in the yard at grandma’s house was also a fun tradition: looking through the grass and bushes, trying to find the eggs with the best candy (and occasionally a little money). My favorite was searching for eggs that never got found in the days after Easter—those were the real prize!

Enjoy using these cute little eggs for your Easter designs! What fun Easter traditions do you enjoy?

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