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On this day, 24 years ago, one of the most magnificent, amazing, and, dare I say, humble souls was brought into this world—me! That’s right, it’s my birthday! And, on my birthday, I’m here to give a gift to you (see, pretty amazing, aren’t I). But since it’s my day, I think it’s only appropriate that this gift be something that represents me—something I can also enjoy. So, of course, it’s going to have to be Disney-themed. Get ready to party it up! This Disney movie quotes game is the perfect way to celebrate like a true Disney lover.

Disney Movie Quotes


After seeing how well received the Disney bridal shower game I made for my sister was (both at the party and on the blog), I thought it would be fun to make a new printable Disney party game. And what better occasion than my own birthday?

I’ve tried this game out on a variety of people now in order to gauge it’s difficulty. I gave it to a couple of my co-workers first, and they really struggled (one only got the Olaf quote…and only because he knew he was a snowman). I started thinking it might be too hard, so I had some of my family members try it out: all of them got perfect (or near perfect) scores, but said they did have to use process of elimination. So, the bottom line is: if you and your fiends are Disney fans, this game should be lots of fun and not too much trouble, but if you haven’t seen a single Disney movie in the last couple decades, it might prove more difficult than entertaining.

Disney Movie Quotes

What I really love about games like this, is that they are easy, affordable, and awesome for any group size! And this one works great for a wide age range as well. Use it at a kids party, or even for a Disney-obsessed adult (like myself). Whatever the occasion, you are sure to have a blast!

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Disney Movie Quotes Answer Key:

1. Gaston
2. Sebastian
3. Cruella De Vil
4. Hades
5. Cheshire Cat
6. John Smith
7. Olaf
8. Tiana
9. Buzz Lightyear
10. Cinderella
11. Marie (the cat)
12. Anna
13. Flynn Rider
14. Megara

*All Disney-inspired designs on this site are unofficial, fan creations and not associated with the Disney corporation.

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