Patriotic Bunting

When it comes to 4th of July décor, my collection is, well, saying it is sparse would be a bit of an understatement—it’s practically nonexistent. You know that jar filled with red, white, and blue Skittles and paper cutouts on sticks from my post last week? Yeah, that’s pretty much it. My excuse: this is our first summer not living in an apartment, and, therefore, this first time we’ve had a little (emphasis on little) room to spare for holiday decorations. Also, I’m not made of money, so I need to amass my decorations over time. But, today’s post takes neither a ridiculous amount of storage space, nor a ludicrous amount of moolah. I give you: a super cute, super simple, and super patriotic bunting banner!

Patriotic Bunting


As you probably know, paper is my favorite medium to work in. I love using it in fun ways to design, craft, and decorate! This bunting banner is simple, but I think it adds a fun 4th of July touch.

What You Need

Patriotic Bunting


How To Make

1. Print off multiple sheets of the design and cut out the flags.

Patriotic Bunting


2. Fold the flags accordion style, then glue the edges together.
(Hint: It takes about three flags to make a larger bunting, and two to make a small one.)

Patriotic Bunting Patriotic Bunting


3. Use a little piece of paper and a stapler to secure the top right and top left edges of the bunting.

(Hint: The bunting seemed to stay in a half-circle shape better when I also stapled the ends of a couple folds on each side: you may want to do the same if yours has trouble holding its shape.)

Patriotic Bunting

There you have it—another simple, holiday DIY for the books. If you missed my last couple posts, you should definitely check them out: I shared some 4th of July clip art as well as some cute, die cut treat pouches that will help you gear up for the upcoming festivities.

Patriotic Bunting

Have fun making your patriotic bunting banner! And have a great Independence Day!

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Patriotic Bunting

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