Pregnancy Announcement Cupcakes

Did you catch the big announcement last week? If not, today’s post should make things pretty clear. Check out these pregnancy announcement cupcakes I made for everyone at my office! Plus, download, customize, and print these cute wrappers and cupcake toppers for yourself.

Pregnancy Announcement Cupcakes


Making Davian a cute tee shirt was super fun, and a great way to share my big news with all of my online friends; but, when it came to making the announcement to all of my coworkers, I wasn’t quite sure how best to do it. I’m not connected to all of them online, and I kind of wanted everyone to get the news at once. That’s why I decided to make these cupcakes!

Pregnancy Announcement Cupcakes

When someone brings free treats to the office, how can you refuse? The best part about announcing my pregnancy this way was getting to hand each individual person a cupcake and just waiting for it to hit them. It was fun to see who picked up on it really quickly, and who, well, didn’t.

If you’re looking for a fun (and tasty) way to announce your pregnancy to family or coworkers, I can tell you that this is definitely a big hit! I think people are extra excited about good news when it’s accompanied by a cupcake. Even if you’ve already shared your big news, these would work great for either a gender reveal party, or baby shower!

The toppers are customizable, so you can type in your own last name and due date before you print them off. The font I used is called Arkana Script Vintage, and it can be downloaded for free from Pixel Buddha.

Enjoy the free wrappers and toppers, and have fun making your own pregnancy announcement cupcakes! Who will you share these with to announce the big news?

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Pregnancy Announcement Cupcakes

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