Spider Web Collection

It’s the middle of October, and things are starting to get spooky! From Disney villains, to jack-o-lanterns, to frightfully cute pom poms, I’m definitely feeling the Halloween spirit at my house. And today I’ve got another spooktactular freebie for you! Add an eerie touch to your next design with one of these graphics from my new spider web collection.

Spider Web Collection


Ever since I was a kid, spider webs have been one of my favorite motifs to draw around Halloween. Adding a little cobweb in the corner, or a dangling spider from a word was always a fun way to make something feel a little more ominous. These delicate webs would make nice photo overlays for this time of year, or could add some great texture to a printed design!

While I am a fan of drawing spider webs, I’m not a big of a fan of actual spiders. Don’t get me wrong, I can stay composed around arachnids (assuming they don’t fall on me or something), but they are definitely not welcome in my house. A couple days ago, my co-worker showed me a picture he took of a wolf spider he found living in his garage—the thing was at least three inches in diameter people! When I asked him if he killed it, his response was, “Well, wolf spiders can be good because they hunt other spiders. So, I decided to leave it alone.”

Leave it alone?! That is just crazy to me. I suppose if he’s going to let it have free reign of the garage, he might as well give it a name. I think Harold could be a good name for a massive pet wolf spider—I think I’ll suggest that to him.

What are your thoughts on letting a fuzzy, three inch wolf spider named Harold roam around the garage at will? And what plans do you have for these spindly spider webs?

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