Turkey Pom Poms

It’s official—November is upon us. That means DIY projects for all things fall—leaves, acorns, sunflowers, and, of course, turkeys! Turkeys are the most iconic motif for Thanksgiving and the month of November (plus, they are pretty darn cute…at least the crafty version of turkeys are). So, if you’re looking for a fun way to add some Thanksgiving flair to your fall decor, look no further than these super cute turkey pom poms!

Turkey Pom Poms


I had so much fun making Halloween pom poms last month, I just had to do another set for November. You can’t go wrong with pom pom crafts! They are super affordable to make, and are a fun DIY for both kids and adults. All it takes is some yarn, felt, and hot glue to make these adorable autumn decorations.

Turkey Pom Poms

The download includes a printable template for all three turkey feather layers, and both small and larger pom poms (relative to the ones I’ve made in the past).

You can use two colors of felt or three. Whatever you fancy, these turkeys are sure to be adorable. I like to keep my pom pom creations really simple with just felt and yarn, but you could dress these up with googly eyes or pipe cleaner legs if you want to get extra creative.

Turkey Pom Poms

I recently found out that you can buy nice, sturdy pom pom makers for a reasonable price (I’m a little late to the game). But, of course, you can always use your handy dandy cardboard ones in a pinch!

(Hint: if you are using the same pom pom makers, I used the green one for the body of the large turkey, the little blue one for the head of the small turkey, and the yellow one for the head of the large turkey and the body of the small turkey.)

These little gobblers look great as part of a Thanksgiving garland or even just displayed around the house. Make some mama and papa turkeys with larger pom poms and baby turkeys with smaller ones, and you’ve got yourself a pom pom turkey family!

Have fun putting these lovely little turkey pom poms together! How would you show off your crafty little birds?

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Turkey Pom Poms Turkey Pom Poms

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