St. Patrick’s Day Clip Art

Whether you’re Irish or not, it’s your lucky day! Today I’ve got some fun, hand drawn doodles to share with you that are just what you need to get ready for March 17th. Use this St. Patrick’s Day clip art to make invitations for your kid’s class party, overlay them on a picture, or implement them in any number of other ways you can think of!

St. Patrick's Day Clip Art


Who else remembers searching for four-leaf clovers as a kid? I remember using my entire recess time, on occasion, to hunt for those evasive little buggers with my friends. It seems like every time we did, someone would inevitably take a regular clover and tear one of the leaves to try and pass it off as a four-leaf clover. It doesn’t always take much to entertain kids, that’s for sure!

Enjoy this St. Patrick’s Day clip art. And don’t forget to wear green this Friday!

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