Sports Clip Art Collection

The school year is officially ending for most kids, and that means summer sports are just around the corner! Today I’m sharing some hand drawn graphics that are sure to add a fun touch to all your athletic designs. Get ready to knock your next design out of the park with this sports clip art collection.

Sports Clip Art Collection


I have so many fond memories of playing summer sports as a kid. I remember doing swimming lessons, playing softball and soccer (both of which I consistently got my butt whooped at), as well as tennis (a sport I got my butt whooped at less often). I also remember a few tears and panic attacks along the way, but, for the most part, the memories are indeed fond!

Participating in athletics was always always a big thing for my family. In fact, my parents had a rule that we had to participate on at least one sports team per season while in high school. It helps that my dad was the tennis and swimming coach at the high school we attended.

My dad has been coaching tennis for around 15 years now! He loves tennis, and that was always my “main” sport growing up. I remember playing in tournaments at a young age and my opponents asking me who my tennis pro was. I was always really proud to respond that I was coached by my dad!

Hopefully I can instill the same love for tennis and athletics in my kids as my parents did for me!

Enjoy using this sports clip art collection for all your athletic design needs. And have an awesome summer!

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