Getting to Know You – Printable

Need a a fun game for a large group to play? Or maybe you’re just interested in learning a little more about your family members or friends. Either way, this getting to know you sheet is just the thing you need! Find out everything from ‘Spirit animals’ to ‘What made-up Olympic sport someone would have a good chance at winning,’ all in this one questionnaire.

Getting to Know You


Last week, I mentioned that added responsibilities in my personal life have been keeping me extra busy lately. That added responsibility has come from a new church calling I’ve received. For the past couple years, I’ve been a teacher for the women’s organization. I really enjoyed serving in this way because I don’t mind teaching in front of a large group, but also because it was something I only had to do once a month. Well, a few weeks ago, I was called to be the President of the Young Women organization.

This calling is much more time-intensive! Between attending meetings, planning teaching schedules, teaching lessons, planning/attending weekly activities, and organizing annual events (campouts, recognition ceremonies, etc.), it’s safe to say that there is significantly more on my plate! BUT, having said that, I cannot be more excited for this new calling. I’m thrilled to be working with the youth in the ward, and helping them develop their talents and recognize their potential!

So, what does all this have to do with a “Getting to Know You” printable? Well, I thought it would be fun to learn more about each of the girls before class each week. I decided to create this printable and have them fill it out; then, before class starts, we’ll read some of the answers from one girl’s sheet and give everyone a chance to guess who it is. And, since I have this blog, I thought it would be a fun printable to share with all of you.

Getting to Know You

I hope you enjoy this new, fun printable design! Use it for your next get-together, and find out just how well you really know one another. And, now that you know a little bit more about what’s going on in my life, I hope you can be patient with me if I’m not able to share quite as many freebie as I use to.

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