Personal Progress Cards & Tracking Sheets

Now that we’re wrapping up 2017, it’s time to start thinking about goal-setting and the things we want to achieve in the upcoming year(s). I thought this would be a good time to share something I made specifically for the young women in my congregation to help them with their Personal Progress. Download these simple Personal Progress cards and tracking sheets, and help the young girls (or even adult women) in your ward reach their goals!

Personal Progress Cards


In case you haven’t heard of it before, Personal Progress is a program that the LDS church sponsors, geared specifically for young girls (ages 12-18). Girls complete “value experiences” and projects that are designed to bring them closer to Christ and prepare for the future. Upon completion of the program, they are presented with a medallion depicting the Salt Lake City temple encircled with laurel wreaths and a “ruby.”

Even though the program is designed for adolescent girls, adult women can participate as well. Specifically mothers of adolescent girls and individuals called to be Young Women leaders are strongly encouraged to participate, and can even earn their medallion too! I went through the Personal Progress program as a young girl. Now that I have been called as the President of the Young Women’s organization in my ward, I’ve started the program again!

For Christmas this year, I wanted to give the young women in my group a gift that would aid them in achieving their Personal Progress goals.

As I’ve been working through value experiences and projects the past few months, I’ve noticed that many of them require you to focus on a certain principle or action for a few weeks at a time. I decided to make “reminder cards” that they could keep on their mirror or another visible place at home to help them remember the thing(s) they should be focusing on that day. I laminated each of these cards, and gave them each a dry erase marker so that they can keep using the card over and over again as they set new goals each month.

(Tip: I got this AmazonBasics Thermal Laminator a while back, and have been super impressed by it! I was surprised at how professional it laminates at such a low price point.) 

Personal Progress Cards

I also decided to include a tracking sheet in the gift for them to write down specifically which experiences they planned on working on, and give them a visual path to finishing within their years in the Young Women program.

Hopefully this gift helps the girls in my group keep goal-setting and Personal Progress top of mind! And, by sharing my designs, hopefully it can help out other girls as well. Whether you’re a fellow Young Women leader, mother, or a girl working toward her medallion right now, I hope you’ll find this useful to you!

Enjoy these fun, Personal Progress cards and tracking sheets, and best of luck in your journey!

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