“Up, Up, and Away” Bunting Banner

Okay, just one more post about Elliott’s birthday party—it’s the last one: I promise! As part of our family party last weekend, I created a little “photo spot” for everyone to take pictures at. Today I thought I’d share the printable “Up, Up, and Away” bunting banner I created as part of it. Download the design for yourself and prepare to take flight!

"Up, Up, and Away" Bunting Banner


I love that picture! Seeing all my cute boys together like that just makes my heart melt. Plus, this is a rare photo of my older son not turning his head or outright scowling because I’m taking a picture of him.

I had a lot of fun making this backdrop! I just used butcher paper for the balloon and clouds, for the “basket” I painted and cut out a foam core poster, and for the garland, I just cut strips of fabric and tied them to some twine (this part actually took WAY longer than I thought it would). For the bunting, I printed the design on some craft paper and hung it up with more twine—definitely the easiest part of the whole process! And I think it tied everything together nicely.

"Up, Up, and Away" Bunting Banner

I actually can’t take all the credit for this backdrop, or the rest of the party. My sweet husband helped me every step of the way: blowing up balloons, cutting fabric strips, cleaning the house—all while he was feeling sick, I might add. So a big shoutout to you Isaac!

If you missed my other two party posts, be sure to check them out: download this hot air balloon party invitation and these fun, die cut hot air balloons.

Here’s a few more pictures of everyone enjoying our little “photo spot:”

"Up, Up, and Away" Bunting Banner "Up, Up, and Away" Bunting Banner "Up, Up, and Away" Bunting Banner

Have fun using this “Up, Up, and Away” bunting banner for your next party. Whether it’s for a “photo spot” like this or just a fun decoration, it’s sure to look great!

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