How to Draw in Adobe Illustrator (Without Using a Tablet) | Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

The school year is well under way, but the kids aren’t the only ones learning new things! Today I’m back at it—sharing a new tutorial that will help you take your digital drawing skills to the next level. Check out my latest video, and learn how to draw in Adobe Illustrator (without using a tablet).

How to Draw in Adobe Illustrator

For me, I feel like I almost always go back to the Pen Tool whenever I need to create “non-standard” shapes and forms; but it can be really time consuming to use the Pen Tool when trying to draw something that has a more organic shape. That’s where some of these other tools I feature in the video come in handy!

The main tools you will be using:

Line Segment Tool

Shortcut: \


Pen Tool

Shortcut: P


Brush Tool

Shortcut: B


Pencil Tool

Shortcut: N

If you enjoyed this, be sure to check some of my other Adobe Illustrator tutorials. As a designer, I use Adobe Illustrator to create all of the designs you see on my site, and I absolutely love it!

I don’t showcase the brush tool very much in the video; but, just to reiterate, the main difference between the using the Pencil Tool and the Brush Tool, is that, even though you can alter the stroke later, the Pencil Tool will alway default back to a basic line when you start drawing again. The Brush Tool, on the other hand, will continue to implement your brush selection with each new stroke.

I hope you enjoyed learning how to draw in Adobe Illustrator. Now go and create something amazing for me!

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