Color Block 3D Backdrops – Decorative Cut Files

I have a colorful new design I am excited to share with your today! This one is a little different from what I usually make, but I thought it would be a fun project and one that you can customize to your heart’s content. So, round up some colorful cardstock, download my free templates, and create one of these whimsical, color block 3D backdrops.

Color Block 3D Backdrops


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I got the idea for this design from a project featured on the latest season of Making It. Being a huge Parks and Recreation fan, as well as a maker myself, that show was pretty much made for me!

As part of one of the earliest challenges, one of the makers folded a whole bunch of baseball cards in half and used them to make a cool, framed backdrop for his project. I thought the finished look was really cool, and wanted to try and create something similar (on a smaller scale).

Color Block 3D Backdrops

Color Block 3D Backdrops


How to Make It

1. Use your cutting machine or X-ACTO knife, along with my template, to cut out all of the pieces of the color block 3D backdrops.

Note: If you are using the SVG files that includes the score lines, don’t forget to set them as such in Cricut Design Space and attach them to their shapes before sending them through your cutting machine. I used a lime green color to mark the score lines, so hopefully that helps! If you’re having trouble with the score lines, check out this video.


Assembling the Rows

2. Organize your first row of colors. Curl each piece and fold in the tabs.

Using the tabs, glue each piece to one of the rectangular strips, one at a time.

Repeat with the other six rows.


Piecing it Together

3. Organize your rows of color blocks. Mount them to a piece of chipboard or thin piece of cardboard for rigidity. Your project is complete!

Note: I used the rounded project as an example, but the angled design is made much the same. Instead of rounding off the pieces, you’ll just make a fold down the center.

I really like how both of these projects came out! Since I had never made anything quite like this before, I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, but I feel like the end result was a success.

I’ve included the rainbow layout in the template, but you can easily customize this project however you like! You can make it into a monogram (like I did with the letter ‘T’), you can create a fun pattern, or, if you’re really ambitious, you could put multiple backdrop pieces together and make it into a large-scale art piece!

Color Block 3D Backdrops

I use Adobe Illustrator for all of my designs, and a Cricut Maker to bring my creations to life. For tips on creating fun paper cuts like this one, see the FAQ section on my website. Also, be sure to check out the other decorative freebies available on my blog!

Enjoy making your very own, color block 3D backdrops. And don’t forget to share your lovely, finished creation with me on Instagram!

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Color Block 3D Backdrops Color Block 3D Backdrops

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