Marvel Villain Silhouettes

Today we are celebrating spooky season in a more…villainous way. That’s right, I’ve got some new silhouette designs to share with you—specifically silhouettes of the Marvel variety. So, if you have any superhero fans in your life, then you won’t want to miss my brand new Marvel Villain silhouettes!

Marvel Villain Silhouettes


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Since sharing some Avengers silhouette designs a few years ago, I’ve had a lot of requests for villainous counterparts. The only issue is…a lot of superhero villains are either (a) not that memorable or (b) not that recognizable in silhouette form. So, to be honest, it took me a while to figure out who I would create.

In the end, I went with villains that I either personally really like, or who have a more discernible silhouette than most other options. So, hopefully, your favorite Marvel villain made the cut!

Marvel Villain Silhouettes

Can you tell who they all are? Here are the answers in case you were wondering:

  • Loki
  • Ultron
  • Hela
  • Winter Soldier
  • Thanos
  • Killmonger

The download includes both printable and cut file (to use with a Cricut or Silhouette) versions of each of these villains, so you can take your pick! These Marvel villain silhouettes make awesome decorations for kids bedrooms and parties, as well as unique gifts.

Be sure to check out all the Disney goodies available on my site, including lots more fun silhouettes!

Marvel Villain Silhouettes

I mean, just look at Loki’s profile and helmet—it doesn’t get more awesome than that! And I may still be riding the high after watching the Loki series on Disney Plus, but he is definitely an A+ “villain” in my opinion.

Marvel Villain Silhouettes

I use Adobe Illustrator for all of my designs, and a Cricut Maker to bring my creations to life. For tips on creating fun paper cuts like this one, see the FAQ section on my website. Also, be sure to check out the other fun freebies available on my blog!

Enjoy putting these Marvel villain silhouettes to good use. And don’t forget to share your wickedly wonderful finished projects with me on Instagram!

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