About Me

Miss Mandee

Hi, my name is Mandee

Thanks for visiting my blog! I love to create and share fun designs (but that’s pretty obvious). I live at the base of the beautiful Wasatch Mountain Range in Ogden, Utah with my cute family: my handsome husband, Isaac, my two adorable little boys, Davian and Elliott, my darling daughter, Cressida, and two slightly overweight cats, Lucky and Oliver.

Isaac is a spectacular husband, and the biggest fan of my blog since I started in spring of 2011. He enjoys reading books on economics, laying on his back while throwing a ball at the ceiling, and watering our plants every Monday. He has a degree in marketing, but wound up being a high school English teacher. Most days, he can be found in his classroom, trying to convince teenagers that reading is cool, or coaching basketball!

Davian and Elliott are the two cutest little boys in existence (I may be a little biased). Davian’s interests change constantly, but some fluctuating favorite things of his include: robots, trains, construction vehicles, space, maps, and statues. He prefers making schedules to coloring, and looks forward to making deserts with mama every Sunday afternoon.

Elliott is a big ball of energy. When he’s not fighting his big brother (and winning), he loves to dance to music and help out with household chores. Also, he is incredibly tall for his age and loves to play with any sports balls he can get ahold of; instilling hope in daddy that he will be a basketball star.

Cressida is the sweetest baby a mama could ever hope for. She loves to sleep, cuddle, and give big smiles—especially when you talk to her, or when daddy plays the ukulele. Her big brothers anxiously await the day that she can join in the afternoon wrestling matches.

More About Me

I am a graduate from Weber State University: I have a bachelors of science in Psychology and bachelors of fine art in Visual Communications. After working for seven years in marketing for various companies, I recently left my full-time job to pursue my dream—this blog!

I love to play golf, tennis, and swim. I actually played college tennis for two years (but if you played me now you probably wouldn’t believe it). I also love to read, crochet, and I’m a roller coaster enthusiast.

I started Designs By Miss Mandee as a way to express myself in new and creative ways that I didn’t always get to in the more “corporate” world. As you explore the designs I have to offer, I hope I can inspire your crafty side, and help you embrace the joy that comes from creativity!

Thanks for reading, and enjoy Designs By Miss Mandee!