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Maleficent Paper Lantern – Disney Villain Paper Lantern Series

Maleficent Paper Lantern

Brace yourselves—part three of my wonderfully wicked Disney Villain paper lantern series is here! With sinister lines like, “Now, shall you deal with ME, O Prince—and all the powers of HELL,” saying that today’s featured villain is no-nonsense would be an understatement. Feast your eyes on the nefarious necromancer and dreadful dragon in my newest […]

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Jafar Paper Lantern – Disney Villain Paper Lantern Series

Jafar Paper Lantern

Welcome to the second installment in my Disney villain paper lantern series! Inspired by the power-hungry evil sorcerer from one of my very favorite childhood Disney movies, today’s design is the perfect addition to your Halloween collection. Behold the odious occultist, the execrable enchanter, the miscreant magician, and, of course, his feathered friend Iago in […]

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Tiaras – Hand Drawn Clip Art Collection


It’s no secret that I’m a Disney fanatic. That fanaticism extends to most everything “princess” related as well. So, naturally, when I was working on a project last week that required a tiara design, I went a little overboard. That’s how today’s collection of hand drawn tiaras was born! Can you tell how much fun […]

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