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Disney Prince Silhouettes v.3

Disney Prince Silhouettes

The dashing Disney dudes are back! It’s time to match even more of your favorite Disney Princesses with their handsome counterparts, because my third installment of Disney Prince Silhouettes is here. I’ve shared two other sets of handsome heroes so far, and I’m excited to finally be getting around to the third. In case you […]

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Evil Queen Paper Lantern – Disney Villain Paper Lantern Series

Evil Queen Paper Lantern

The final installment of my Disney Villain paper lantern series is here! Today’s vengeful villain is the original evildoer of Disney—the first of her ilk. Look out for those pernicious poison apples: it’s time to round off your contemptible collection with this rancorously ravishing Evil Queen paper lantern. Be sure to check out my other Disney […]

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